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Northern Maine Camp Meeting Codes & Guidelines

The camp meeting codes should be respected and followed, not as a moral judgment, but as a way to facilitate a meaningful and organized camp experience in which participants will be better able to focus on strengthening a closer walk with the Lord.

  1. We encourage the formation of true Christ-centered friendships. Please remember that the most important reason for Camp Meeting is to help deepen your relationship with your Friend, Jesus.
  2. We encourage all parents and guardians to account for their children at all times, it would be helpful for the smooth operation of the camp meeting and the edification of everyone. The camp meeting organizers and leaders will not be held liable for the actions of any children.
  3. We encourage all parents and guardians to be aware of the pond and river that are accessible on the campgrounds and that children should not be left unattended to wander these areas without parental supervision. The banks by the pond are steep and the pond (ex-gravel pit) itself is very deep.
  4. We encourage everyone to eat at designated times and at designated areas, to help minimize distractions to presenters, speakers and the worship service.
  5. All are encouraged to be respectful to speakers and other camp meeting attendees. Please minimize distractions, avoid visiting or note-passing, and ensure that electronic devices are not disturbing others during sessions or classes.
  6. We encourage everyone to be respectful of other people’s personal space, avoid verbal, physical, and emotional abuse.
  7. We encourage everyone to be mindful of camp meeting and other people’s property, avoid any willful or negligent destruction of items, and structures.
  8. We encourage all to promote a safe environment. Please be aware of others when using tools, knives or other items that may cause physical harm or injury.
  9. To help promote the goals and atmosphere of the camp we encourage everyone to avoid bringing any of the following items: card games, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, pornography, or secular reading materials.
  10. We encourage everyone to dress modestly and in a manner that is befitting Godliness. We should avoid extremes in clothing, appearance, and hairstyle. In dress, grooming, and manners, we should always be neat and clean, never sloppy or inappropriately casual.
  11. We encourage pet owners to practice simple camping pet etiquette to not allow dogs, cats or other animals to become a nuisance to others, to help minimize distractions to presenters, speakers and the worship service.
  12. We encourage all to observe a 10MPH speed limit when entering the campgrounds and while driving around the campground for the safety of all and to avoid causing dust issues for our neighbors.