Christian Education Center

Preparing Youth and Adults for Tomorrow and Eternity

Yes that is right! On Thursday, October 4 the first well on the new Christian Education Center property was drilled to a depth of 180 feet. At 175 feet they hit a large vein of water, so large that it exceeded over 100 gallons per minute! In fact there was so much water that it surpassed the well drilling company ability to measure the flow per minute after the 100 GPM mark. This is another amazing blessing that the Lord has showered His grace and approval upon this CEC project. 

According to well drilling experts a good flow rate for an average family is about 4-5 GPM. So you can see that over 100 GPM will go a long way to serving our needs for the new campmeeting bathhouse that will serve our people during the annual Northern Campmeeting next August. The next steps are the septic system and bringing the electrical power onto the property, please visit our site often to see all the new developments and how the Lord is blessing us as the CEC project moves forward. If you want to support the CEC project you can visit our home page and scroll to the bottom and used the “Donation button.” Every dollar counts, and moves us closer to making the entire CEC project a reality. May God bless, Ashley Cunningham!